The Lean Pocket Handbook for Kaizen Events : Any Industry--any Time: Your Team and Individual Improvement Plan

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      A successful Kaizen Event can only occur if team members feel and have ownership of what is being improved. Even though the outcome of the event may improve their daily work activities, just by them being on the team does not guarantee ownership. However, having a basic understanding of the main Lean tools anc concepts by each team member will provide a confidence in their ability to contribute (providing a new sense of ownership); a necessary ingredient in any successful Kaizen Event. They will feel more part of the team. The Lean Pocket Handbook for Kaizen Events is your personal (i.e., individual) Lean planner for the 21st century. We have found individuals that use this pocket handbook feel more part of the Kaizen team. They also continue to contribute improvement ideas well past the formal team Kaizen Event. That is what Lean is all about - making those small, incremental, improvements daily (i.e., hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute) by those closest to the process. This handbook is designed to be: 1. A quick-reference guide. 2. Your individual (i.e., personal). 3. Your personal Kaizen planner. 4. A tool to self-initiate Idea Kaizens. 5. A learning tool. Each topic will have 4 pages. The first page will define the tool and provide a brief description. The second page will provide a simple flowchart of how that tool can be used effectively. This flowchart is meant to serve as a catalyst (and guideline) to stimulate ideas for the possible use of that tool in the Kaizen Event. The third page will provide illustrations demonstrating the tool as it is being used. This page will also contain an area for any notes that may be taken. The fourth page will be your personal Lean log and planner. This page is meant for you to write anything and everything down that you must do in support of the Kaizen Event. Idea Kaizen references can be noted here for investigation and implementation at a later date.
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